Tangled up in blankets and limbs. Kisses. Giggles. Murmured “I love you”s. Steaming cups of strong black coffee. Grey light oozing in through the cracks in the blinds. A yellow candle flickering on the altar. Sighs of contentment. Love.

Plans – a.k.a. How the Universe Fucks With You

customer-servicesWe know better, really, than to make Plans.  X & I always call them “nebulous plans” because regardless of what we *think* may come of something, we are, more often than not, proven wrong. Continue reading

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Our Lives are shaped by (in)action.

Today is my 37th birthday.

I’ve been grumpy for a couple of weeks now.

Which is odd, mind you. I love my birthday.  I mean, really, who doesn’t love a day that’s all about them?  My birthdays have always been all about me. Hell, more often than not, the whole damn week is all about me. This year is no exception.

Ten years ago, I was making plans to leave my 2nd husband.  Twenty years ago, I was “on a break” from my high school sweetheart (who would later become my 1st husband) and spent an amazing vacation in Tampa Bay with my (then) best friend. Now, well now I am married to an amazing man who adores me.  My kids are practically grown. I love where we live. I work regularly on my Art (and am having a hella fun time doing it) And yet… I find myself frustrated. Continue reading

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Hi. I’m Hannah in HR.

Often I feel a schism within me.  A definite division of my person that I struggle with on very nearly a daily basis.  Hi, my name is Hannah. I’m a Human Resources professional. Hi, I’m Cootie. Artist, mother, lover, cusser, Pagan, tattooed, nudist wannabe, vape advocate, bandana wearing, hairy arm-pitted grunge queen, tequila & sangria loving, bi-sexual, fierce & sensitive Woman.

Life is funny. Wut?

Continue reading

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It was 7 pm on a Friday. The sun was making its slow decent in the western sky. I lowered my visor and squinted at traffic. The air conditioning blasted its protest over the June heat and the man-child sniffled quietly in the seat beside me as his hometown slowly faded into the distance behind us. For a moment, I remembered him as a small child hiding behind his father.  Now his tears were falling from a face hidden behind long hair; the last vestige of the childhood of a boy trying so hard to become a strong man.


“It’s weird, isn’t it?” I asked him, “Knowing that your entire life will fit into one car.”

He laughed, a little bitterly. “Yeah.” he said, “Yeah, it is.”


I squeezed his hand reassuringly and we drove for a while without speaking.


Later, he asked “Will you cut my hair?”

I smiled & my heart swelled. “Sure.” I answered, “I’ll cut your hair.”